Thursday, 31 December 2015

Cheers to the New Year!

Happy New Year in advance beauties!

What will you be doing to wave goodbye to 2015 and to usher in the new year? I will be spending it at church, and then at a little shindig at my aunt's house.

Getting ready to go out and greet Mr. 2016

Whatever you decide to do have tons of fun and do not forget to stay safe. See you in 2016!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Inviting Light Into My Home

We're back!

SoulJourner's Story went on a two week hiatus as bae and I received devastating news a couple of weeks ago. It left me feeling emotionally exhausted and too worried and unmotivated to think or write anything. Time needed to be taken out to pray and reflect. When writing my last post on scriptures to encourage the young professional, I didn't realise that I would be the very person with the need to fall back on those scriptures. Apologies to you if you have missed SoulJourner's Story. I promise you we are on a roll now!
Darkness cannot comprehend the light

Thank God for His mercies, things are looking up now, and I will continue to say 2015 has been/is still a great year for us. 
To change my gloom into cheer I decided to invest in some christmas decorations. It's the first time I have bought any since moving into my flat two years ago. I am well aware that baubles and tinsel are just by products of the season, however the bonding time my sister and I had over the hour we had to tart up my living room in lights and a tree really did my soul some good. Besides, they are pretty to sit and look at!

Sometimes when life gets a bit 'heavy', one might need a distraction to fix one's mind on something a bit lighter. I decided to inject my bathroom with a bit of colour, which up until last week was awashed with lifeless beige. This was a fun, fairly inexpensive project which offered me some light relief.

Bathroom Rug - £6
Wall Art - £4

As the news we received pertained to the health of a family member, I was also moved to purchase a Nutri Ninja. It was as if I was given a huge nudge to make some of those changes I have been long speaking about. For those who do not know what a Nutri Ninja is, it's a super high powered blender that liquefies fruits and veg, to give you fully nourishing smoothies and juices.
Bathroom Drawers - £19.99 (Argos)
Green Bottle - £3 (Wilkos)
The last weeks  have taught me that encouragement and support can come from the most unexpected places: people who are a little more than strangers, but come into your life for a short time can be a great pillar, when friends and family are unreachable. I also learnt how much strength we carry within us, and can be tapped into when it is desperately needed. 
Please watch this space, we have fantastic posts coming up right here!

How do you overcome despair when it hits?
Clean Living
(Currently watching the XFactor final!) 

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