Thursday, 18 August 2016


I am soooooo excited to be writing this post because alas! is our first ever product review. Ladies, I present to you 
House of Solo

House of Solo Magazine is the latest glossy magazine featuring fashion, art and culture to hit the shelves, and is brought to you by photographer Abeiku and fellow blogger Missy May, along with their team. 

When I first opened its package, I noticed immediately the quality of the pages - very much like many of the high end glossies you find in the shops, or even the Next Directory that gets posted through my door every season. This is a far cry from the flimsy paper new and small publications often come with. 

A flick through House of Solo allows one to feast their eyes on high quality content. Hi-res photos, with deep and bright colours, juxtaposed with easy to read articles, and interviews from creatives in the industry. 
This makes the perfect coffee table "flick through", or handbag filler, that you can whip out and read whilst waiting for your hair or dentist appointment (or any appointment for that matter!) It's also your perfect go-to for style inspiration, be it your personal style, home decor style or lifestyle.
When I asked Missy May, what the main purpose of House of Solo, she simply replied "it's to entertain, to inspire and to inform". She also mentioned that it's to "give a voice to the voiceless". Strange strap line for a glossy mag, you might say, but House of Solo is all about shining a spotlight on artists, and creatives who would otherwise go unnoticed, be it painters, writers, models or photographers. 

"House of Solo [will] 
entertain, inspire, 
about giving a voice 
to the voiceless"
                                     - Missy May

The first issue is The Fashion Issue and has all the features one might expect: high end fashion shots, fashion based articles and dreamy art that will capture your imagination. However, please do expect a lot more than that, because the magazine, which will be released quarterly will touch on everything from culture and social issues, to sports and motivation, so please stay tuned for more from the House of Solo. 

"House of Solo will 
touch on everything 
from culture and 
social issues, to 
sports and motivation"

In short, if you are a culture vulture, or are interested in refined as well as edgy art and fashion, then House of Solo is for you. 
Intrigued? I urge you to check it out at or purchase the print edition from MagCloud



  1. The combination of art and fashion sounds very appealing and in tune with most of the magazines I read, it sounds like a great - and most importantly, inspiring! - read. Hope you're having a lovely week so far :)

    1. Hi Gabrielle. House of Solo definitely offers inspiration. My week has been good thank you, as I trust yours has too

  2. Great review and bang on, Madeline. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we will get better and better from here. Thanks for the review, sis.

    1. Missy May, it was an absolute pleasure! Many thanks for the opportunity. Everything I wrote was the truth! It is a very high quality publication! Kudos to you and the team.


  3. Congrats on your first review! Like like how it combines art and fashion too. Great place to seek inspiration and get the creative juices running.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Miss J. As content creators it is good to support each other. It's a wonderful magazine. Please by all means check it out!

  4. Soo Interesting to hear your thoughts on this Novel! I think its great hearing about African novelist, their creative work is definitely becoming mainstream now! xx

    1. Thank you Natalie for passing through. Isn't it just awesome how the creativity of Africans is being internationally celebrated!?


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