Sunday, 11 September 2016

First Year At University? Let's Chat!

This is from a post that I published last year. However I thought it would be useful to repost an updated version as we are at "that time" again!

The advice I have here is a result of my own personal experiences in university. I have gone through the process twice so I know what I am talking about.Trust me. For those of you reading in the US, I am referring to what you call "college". 

Here are my tips for new university students.

1.Make a note of your coursework deadlines. Put them in your diary, and add in reminders a month, two weeks and one week prior to the due date. Better still, invest in a yearly planner you can put up on your wall. I say this because your lecturer will probably only give you the dates once. I studied French and Linguistics at Queen Mary, and made the mistake of not paying attention to the due date of my “Language in the USA” coursework deadline. The result was a rushed piece of work, hastily put together on the afternoon it was due. It attained no more than a C grade!

2. Find out how your faculty prefers for you to do your referencing and stick to it. Here is a very good guide from the Anglia Ruskin university.

3. I stayed at home whilst at university as the distance between my house and campus was too short for me to qualify for student accommodation. If you are in this position, strike a good friendship with someone in living on campus, who you can trust. You will be grateful for this on nights after long hours spent in the library, or partying!

4. Space out your schedule and give yourself some room to breathe.I remember in my first year cramming my Mondays with six hours worth of lectures  (yes! with no break). The result was knackering! I sometimes even skipped my last class altogether - not good at all.

5. If you are taking a class such as literature, or any other class that requires studying from one book for the entire semester get your own copy – even if it’s second-hand. Your campus library will normally only have a few copies of that particular book, and you may not be able to keep it for the whole semester.

Good luck with university. There is so much more you will learn besides the content of your lectures. Work hard, have fun and make friends!

I hope you find these tips useful. Please share any additional tips you might have below. 



  1. Great post,photos are amaizing,love this post!
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  2. I've no doubt your tips will be a huge help to those starting university this year - I can imagine how nerve-wracking this month must be for them!

    1. Hi Gabrielle. There is so much to get your head around in the first few weeks alone! Thanks for passing through

    2. Hi Gabrielle. There is so much to get your head around in the first few weeks alone! Thanks for passing through

  3. Great post dear.
    I love your blog. ☺

    How about follow each other?

    1. Thank you IvaFashionDiary. That would be cool!

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  4. This takes me back to my University days. Lol!! It was! but thank God we conquered and completed. Great tips as always, sis. Hope you're well and everything is going well.

  5. I've been learning 5 years just to finish my course as ECE. It was so stressful days when I still having my study. But with motivation and courage I was still able to achieve my good degree.

  6. Wow, incredibly useful advices, I will use it in my writing cuz I dont have enough time for it. This will help everyone who will feel the difficulties in the educational process.

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