Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Everything Eventually Comes to an End

I don't know whether I'm grateful to come home to home cooked meals prepared by me (I'm missing my Ghanaian spices badly), and the familiar smell of my flat, or whether I could have benefitted with just one more week of sunshine, casual walks down The Strip and the bright and exhilarating lights of the city of Las Vegas. Whilst my mind, spirit and soul try to agree on where I'd rather be I thought I'd use the opportunity to reflect and muse on the past two weeks.

Time has a funny way of distorting itself to appear longer or shorter than it actually is. It just cannot be easily quantified. Whilst it was only a fortnight ago I instructed my sister to ensure my plants are well looked after in my absence before shutting my front door firmly behind me with excitement beating in my chest, it actually feels like I stepped on the plane in Manchester Airport a thousand summers ago.

Please don't let my plants die!

The time spent away from the hustle and bustle of London, away from the constant monitoring of finances and the monotony of the working week gave us the time to live life a little more deeply.  What I mean is that when we walked it was with less quickness,  when we ate we took our time, when we laughed it was more heartily, and when we spoke, it was with more conviction.  

We also had the time to appreciate the different characters we came accross, from the Somali taxi driver who insisted that "Lagos f**ked up", after learning my boyfriend is Nigerian (I know, awkward right?); to the Israeli lady who thought we made such a beautiful couple and wouldn't stop kissing my cheeks and hugging my boyfriend (I didn't mind though cos she gave us free entry into a comedy show); to the American woman who we met at the mall who then invited us to her house for a cookout, and then wouldn't let us leave (she scared me a bit - lol!)

I saw the world whilst in the LV
These memories, along with the many more we created,  some good some not so good, are what make going away worthwhile. Not only that, before the holiday I felt like I had been in the ring with Life and she was knocking me the hell out. I felt weak and exhausted and as if I had lost my way a little. So  I prayed that I would return to the UK refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to reenter real life. I can at least say I feel much more prepared to face the coming months.

What is more poignant is that whilst waiting in Terminal 3 of McCarran Airport I received a message reminding me that the first half of the year is almost over, and urging me to look forward to the second half with gratitude.The first half of 2015 hasn't been bad, but I feel this holiday is an official marker for me to "finish hard". 

Where have you visited this year? Where do you plan to go? Do you plan to take your short break at home?

My holiday might have ended, but now there is more progress,  more laughter (let's face it there are more tears too!) more learning, more success along the months of January to May firmly etched in my figurative book of appreciation I look forward to creating more.

Everything must eventually come to an end :-(
P.S. if you are looking to be led beside the still waters Vegas is NOT the  place. There ain't nothing quiet about Vegas!

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