Thursday, 2 July 2015

What is a SoulJourner?

This post was supposed to be another Study Time, but I have misplaced my notebook with all my bible study notes. Yikes! I really do feel like a fisherman out at sea, with no hooks, no rod and no reel.*

Ready to write my second Study Time, but alas! No notebook :-(
I assure you that this alternative blog post isn't of lesser value, or some consolation prize. It has simply jumped the queue in the line of upcoming posts.My busy schedule is still not letting up. I have been planning a big event with my youth group (details will soon be posted on here). I am also still settling into my new job. Besides, London has recently succumbed to glorious sunshine and sweltering heat, which has made me quite lethargic, so I must admit this post has taken me the best part of four days to complete. But alas! Here it comes. 

Still settling in at work!

What is a Soulourner? 

This is Madeline's official definition:

[sohl-jurn-er] noun
1. A person who profits from his or her temporary stay on earth. He or she is not afraid to feel deeply, be it happy, sad, angry or excited. He or she may occasionally or frequently make mistakes,  nonetheless, he or she lives life to the fullest, maximising every opportunity, and loving wholey.

This word cannot be found in any dictionary (yet!), however when I thought of it, I figured it would suit this blog well. 

Selecting a name for this blog was not that difficult at all. Infact I did it without much self deliberation.My mind and my heart  set themselves firmly on the name SoulJourner's Story quite early on in the decision making process and they just wouldn't let go. I had just finished my Masters and was at a point of frustration because I so desperately wanted to move on in my career. I had been at the same position since 2010, and in fact there was a time when the job did serve me well. But three years and a masters degree later I thought I was owed some kind of promotion. I had been single for longer than I thought was acceptable, and I so wanted to move into my own place. 

I was moaning to a friend about how much indebted the universe was to me. Bless her, she did listen for a while, but then she said something along the lines of "imagine how boring life would be if we acquired everything we wanted very quickly, achieved every goal instantly, fulfilled all our dreams at a moment’s notice. Madeline, there would be nothing to work for. Nothing to motivate us each morning!".

She is right. Our stay here on earth is a temporary sojourn, a spec of time in eternity, a drop in the large ocean of chronology, and we should make the most of it, and of what we have at present. Each footprint we leave on earth should matter, and if we woke up each morning with nothing to motivate us, our stay here would be a very dull one. The felicity and frustrations of life are all what make this life both daunting and exciting, and makes those of us who enjoy the ride SoulJourners. 

So there you have it - that is a SoulJourner, and that is how I attributed the term to this blog.

*Since beginning this post, it has turned out I left my note book in church, and it has since been found. Thank God!

Happy because I found my notebook!


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