Monday, 16 November 2015

Pray for the World

Last Friday's attacks on Paris were no doubt an event that sent shock waves around the world. Like me you were probably up all night until the early hours of Saturday morning following the events as they were being reported on the news. Like you I was saddened, shocked and confused to see humanity fall to a new low. 

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However, I was also encouraged to see the show of solidarity, firstly amongst the parisians themselves, with the twitter hashtag #porteouverte being tweeted and retweeted to enable those stranded in the city to find a place of refuge at the hands of those willing to open their homes to them, and secondly by mourners and sympathisers of social media. It was also a massive relief to see friends in Paris being marked as 'safe' on Facebook, and the different profile pictures being overlaid with the French flag.

I didn't change my profile pic.

It is very unlike SoulJourner's Story to wade into the political debate on anything unless it is encouraging or edifying, but I do think as a responsible blog, we should use our voice for the common good. 

On the same day, Japan suffered a small earthquake; just a day before, the city of Beirut was victim to suicide bombers;  Northern Nigeria has been subject to terrorism for years, and earlier this year 147 students were struck down in Garissa,  Kenya. 

Let's pray for the whole world - Paris and elsewhere.

Please there is no condemnation for those who want to #prayforparis, because I believe they mean well. I will be praying for Paris as the city holds a lot of memories for me; it represents a significant part of my life as a student  (I studied it France),  and I still have many friends there, not to mention that I am in and out of Paris a lot for work! But I just could not allow myself to be led to change my profile pic to the colours of the Tricolore when in fact people have been dying at the hands of terrorists for years and will continue to do so for years to come. 

Let's not forget the many atrocities being committed around the world, by The West, in the Middle East, in Africa, in Ukraine, and everywhere else.

Will you join me to #prayfortheworld?


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