Sunday, 31 January 2016

Purpose. Find it. Pursue it.

Happy weekend! (Actually, it will probably be almost over by the time this is posted)
En route to the gathering of the brethren
I hope you have had a great week. I didn't get up to much in the week, but the weekend has been super busy. One of the many activities was a family gathering to remember and celebrate the life of a great aunt who passed just before Christmas, in Ghana. Although such an occasion would ordinarily be a sombre time, in my family we don't like to think of death as the end. After the tears have been wiped away we tend to celebrate the time spent on earth, the fact that the departed is in a better place, and the hopeful expectation of being reunited with our loved one. However such occasions always send me on a long and winding road of deep thought.

A fixture of many family gatherings
So, I want to touch on something that I feel every human being on earth should know about, and should pursue while he or she has been blessed with the gift of time.


In short, all I want to say about purpose is that you should chase after it. Chase it like something is chasing you.

I believe that  graveyards are some of the richest places in this world. What a crazy thing notion, you're probably thinking. However I put this notion forward because, with our loved ones are books that were never written, businesses that were never started, ideas that were never explored, speeches that were never given, and love that was never shared. I am making sense now aren't I?

So then, how do you know what your purpose is? It may help to grab something you can make notes with, because I would love for you to answer as many of these as you can.

On kitchen duty with mummy

1. What abilities come to you the easiest? This is a great place to start.
2. What frustrates you the most? Sometimes, knowing what you would most love to change about your community, society or workplace can pinpoint the purpose you were created for.
3. If you HAD to volunteer a week of your time to any cause, charity or organisation, what would it be? I say this because if you make money your motivation, you will get demotivated quite quickly.
4. What activity/ career move or project do you regret not embarking on the most? It's never too late you know!
5.What scares you the most? Sometimes your purpose will scare you just as much as it excites you because the possibility of a thousand doors being opened to you, due to that fulfilled purpose is almost too much to bear!

Now on serving duty. That's how my family does it!
Have you found it yet? Great! Now you have no excuse BUT to commit time to pursuing it.  If not, PLEASE do not worry. In fact this is a serious task so I would expect you to take some time. But I would advise you to keep note making until your thoughts make sense to you. I would also suggest you keep pursuing your hobbies and interests (and possibly explore new ones), and keep interacting with the people and the world around you, until your purpose becomes clear to YOU (it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else).

Have a great week. 


  1. So sorry for your loss. Whats scares me the most is failure, but what I have come to realised is that sometimes failing might even be a good thing. Wishing you a great week ahead.

    1. Hi Diana, thank you. Admittedly, she wasn't that close to me but it hurt to see those she was close to in so much anguish. You are so right, failure does not spell the end, it just tells us that there is a better way to go about things.

      Have a beautiful week yourself.

  2. nice post, kisses!
    I follow you :)

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  4. This has striked a chord. Thanks for bringing me back to base.
    Fantastic syuff Madaline. Keep it up.

  5. I really like your family's attitude to death and how it's opportunity to celebrate the person's life, how lovely :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Thank you Gabrielle. Honestly it helps to relieve some of the pain of knowing you will never see the person again.


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