Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Self Improvement.

As I write this post, I am actually sitting in a hotel lobby in Manchester, waiting for a flight to Nevada...and man, what a long wait it is!

The inspiration to write this post is drawn from a conversation I am currently having with my partner (also my travel partner). It is amazing the types of conversation that can be conjured up from a lot of free time.

I brought up the topic of wanting to generally improve myself in all aspects of my life. Before I continue, here is a disclaimer: 
I am by no means perfect, and don't always commit to fulfilling my goals. In fact there are many days where I simply cannot be bothered, but my journey does include lots of trial and error.

With that out of the way, here are some items from my 'self improvement list'.

1. Spiritual Journey -  Recently,  I made up my mind to wake up 10 minutes earlier than my normal time, to spend time with God. In my 10 minutes, I read my devotional (either Our Daily Bread or Word for Today) and its associated Bible Scripture, and end with praying.

2. Positive Mental Attitude -  Around two months ago, I pinned up a sheet of daily affirmations in my flat - one copy in my bedroom (so I can read it out whilst applying my make up in the mornings), and a copy on my fridge. I won't share it in its entirety, but it starts with "I am a daughter of the King...", in the middle somewhere it continues "...everyone who enters this flat will inherit the peace of God...", and ends in  "...Today will be a good day..."

3. Outer Appearance - I have always had a love for clothes, cosmetics, and accessories, but I have decided that I will begin to invest in more quality and less quantity. I also want my look to be a bit more tailored and classic. Lastly, I have recently been watching a lot of makeup tutorials, just to better my application technique.

This is not an exhaustive list, but just a cross section of what I am working on. And I am by no means Wonder Woman, successfully doing these things everyday. Also, there are probably other things, like eating healthier, or doing more charitable giving that could do with fixing up! 

However, I have felt an inner peace and more calm since I did start doing these things. I also generally feel better about myself, and more confident about the day ahead, each morning. (I plan to blog about some of the many 'demons' I used to, and still battle with, so you have a clearer understanding on what I mean). 

I do want to encourage you to work on your 'self improvement list' if you have one, or if you are thinking of embarking on the journey to simply start trying today! I am no expert, but here are some things I did which helped me, and can help you.

1. List your strengths and weaknesses/ or ask a trusted friend to tell you what they are.
2. Acknowledge your strengths and feel good about them.
3. Pray to God, or meditate, (or whatever it is you do), to help you work on you weaknesses (focus on two or three to begin with).
4. Invest in a journal, and write out the ways you intend to implement your areas of improvement (eg if you'd like to make more time for yourself, you could start by setting aside 20 minutes a week to go for a walk alone, or to go to a cafe to read a book).
5. Write down every breakthrough you make, and celebrate your success. For instance, you may want to record the first time you are able to save £20 at the end of the month)

It may seem strange at first, but you will eventually begin to feel good when you begin writing down your results. Also please, please do not beat yourself up when you forget to do something, or are not able to do it for any reason. Just determine to do it better the next time.

What are some of the things in your life you'd like to see grow and blossom? Please share. I am keen to know. 


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